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Schuberth Top Crown Eject System

Schuberth Top Crown Eject System

Top Crown for Eject System. Compatible with Schuberth SF4/SP1 helmets

The Schuberth Top Crown Eject System is a revolutionary product in the world of motorsport. Designed to increase safety, it forms an integral part of any serious racer's gear. This Eject System has been meticulously engineered with sophisticated technology to offer optimal protection during a race.

Centered around ease of use and efficient function, the Top Crown Eject System is a seamless addition to the Schuberth helmet range, working in harmony with the helmet's existing safety measures to provide an additional layer of security when it matters most. Its purpose is vital, allowing medical personnel to remove the helmet safely from an injured rider, reducing further risk of neck or spine injuries.

With the Schuberth Top Crown Eject System, you are investing in peace of mind knowing your safety is prioritized. Truly a game-changer in the field of motorsport protection gear, this Eject System proves once again why Schuberth continues to be a trusted name in racing safety equipment worldwide.

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