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Schuberth SF3 8860 ABP Carbon Fibre Race Helmet HANS

Schuberth SF3 8860 ABP Carbon Fibre Race Helmet HANS

Schuberth SF3 ABP Carbon race helmet is a masterfully handcrafted motorsport helmet manufactured with excellent comfort, unmatched external finish with attention to detail. Homologation FIA 8860-2018 approved and SNELL SA 2015.

Schuberth SF3 ABP Carbon is an exclusive, autoclave, carbon fiber shell masterfully handcrafted to create a unique helmet that combines low weight solid construction and superior safety in the iconic SCHUBERTH design.

Each SF3 CARBON helmet is produced in Schuberth's own factory in Italy, by the same people who produce helmets for various F1 drivers including 3x world Champion Max Verstappen, Nico Hulkenberg, Daniel Ricciardo and Sergio Perez. 

Get ahead in your racing career with the Schuberth SF3 Carbon Fibre 8860 ABP Race Helmet. This premium Carbon Helmet is designed to offer top-notch protection and comfort for professional racers. Crafted from robust and lightweight Carbon fiber, it ensures maximum performance for high-speed racing.

The Schuberth SF3 Carbon Helmet not only boasts an impressive, sleek design, but it also comes HANS-compatible, adding an extra layer of safety while driving at top speeds. Moreover, it meets the strict standards of the 8860 ABP, reflecting the quality and performance of the helmet.

Investing in a top-tier safety gear like the Schuberth SF3 Carbon Helmet means you're investing in your safety and overall racing experience. Get this state-of-the-art Carbon Helmet today for enhanced safety and comfort on the track.

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