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Schuberth Scoop Standard clear

Schuberth Scoop Standard clear

Scoop Standard clear. Compatible with all Schuberth Motorsport and Karting helmets

The Schuberth Scoop Standard Clear is an essential accessory, specifically designed to enhance the level of comfort and aerodynamics of your Schuberth motorsport helmet. The 'Scoop' is created to ensure optimum airflow, promising the very best performance irrespective of your driving conditions.

Proven to be incredibly efficient, the Schuberth Scoop Standard Clear works by redirecting airflow. The overall design enables a reduction in turbulence and noise. This ensures that riders can stay focused on the road ahead without getting distracted by wind noises.

With quality and satisfaction guaranteed, the Schuberth Scoop Standard Clear reaffirms why Schuberth is a leading name in the motorsport industry. This product boasts of durability and high performance while being easy to use and install. Designed for the passionate driver, for whom excellence is the only standard.

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