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Schuberth Rubber ring (helmet holder)

Schuberth Rubber ring (helmet holder)

Rubber ring (helmet holder). Compatible with all Schuberth Motorsport and Karting helmets

The Schuberth Helmet Holder Rubber Ring is designed for easy storage and security of your helmet. Made from high-quality rubber material, this versatile accessory ensures your helmet stays in place, preventing accidental damage or loss.

Known for its exceptional durability, it can withstand varying weather conditions, making it a perfect accessory for any driver. The Schuberth Rubber Ring is a great holding solution, whether you're touring, commuting, or simply stopping for a break.

With its flexible and elastic design, the Schuberth Rubber Ring easily fits all helmet sizes. It's a worthwhile investment for the added safety and convenience it provides. Include this essential gear in your racing essentials.

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