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Schuberth Moulded Ear Pieces

Schuberth Moulded Ear Pieces

Schuberth Moulded Ear Pieces. Compatible with all helmet kits.

The Schuberth Moulded Ear Pieces are a ground-breaking product for motorsport enthusiasts and professionals. The earpieces have been expertly molded for the perfect fit, providing exceptional audio performance and comfort during long hours of use.

Manufactured by Schuberth, a renowned name in motorsport, these earpieces offer a superior listening experience. They allow for excellent communication during races, helping to improve performance on the track.

The Schuberth Moulded Ear Pieces are easy to use and durable; the epitome of top-notch German engineering. The meticulous design guarantees a snug fit, effectively reducing incoming noise and providing clear audio. Features such as the lightweight design and hypoallergenic materials ensure comfort during prolonged usage.

Whether you're a professional racer or an ardent motorsport aficionado, the Schuberth Moulded Ear Pieces are an essential gear improving your overall motorsport experience while prioritising safety and comfort.

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