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Schuberth Micro-fabric cloth

Schuberth Micro-fabric cloth

Micro-fabric cloth. Compatible with all Schuberth Motorsport and Karting helmets

The Schuberth Micro-fabric Cloth isn't just another regular cleaning tool. This cleaning cloth, specifically designed for Schuberth helmets, represents a breakthrough in helmet care. Its micro-fabric material offers superior absorbency and delicacy, removing grime and dust without risking any scratch on your helmet.

Every user understands the peculiarity of maintaining a Schuberth helmet in mint condition. The Schuberth Micro-fabric Cloth alleviates these often encountered difficulties, offering a practical, efficient, and user-friendly cleaning process. Now, helmet care can be carried out with precision, thanks to the Schuberth Micro-fabric Cloth objective of providing painless cleaning and sublime finish.

Acquiring a Schuberth Micro-fabric Cloth isn't just an act of getting another cleaning tool, it is a step towards preserving the aesthetics and quality of your valued helmet. Make the smart move—the Schuberth way!

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