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Schuberth Locking Cam

Schuberth Locking Cam

Schuberth Locking Cam. Compatible with all Schuberth helmets. 

The Schuberth Locking Cam is an integral part of the Schuberth Motorsport Helmet. Designed to provide maximum safety, it enhances the helmet's stability and strength, making it the perfect gear for high-speed sports. This innovative locking mechanism ensures that the helmet stays securely in place, providing riders with confidence and peace of mind while racing.

The Schuberth Locking Cam has been meticulously crafted using cutting edge technology. It exhibits Schuberth's commitment to quality and safety, harnessing years of experience in motorsport safety gear design. Not only does this component enhance the helmet's structure, but it also improves its aesthetic appeal, making the helmet even more attractive.

With the Schuberth Locking Cam, riders can enjoy optimal comfort and protection. This powerful locking mechanism contributes to the helmet's superior performance and user-friendly design. Get your Schuberth Locking Cam today and experience a new level of comfort and safety while racing.

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