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Schuberth Head Ventilation clear

Schuberth Head Ventilation clear

Head Ventilation clear. Compatible with all Schuberth Motorsport and Karting helmets

Schuberth Head Ventilation is engineered for high-performance, moderate-speed usage. It guarantees an efficient cooling effect through its superior airflow system. Its ergonomic design conforms seamlessly to Schuberth helmets, adding not just functionality but also a sleek aesthetic touch. Especially designed to perfect your experience in motorsport racing.

This head ventilation system is uniquely designed with precision airflow tunnels. These direct the air to strategic zones, providing efficient cooling while minimizing drag. Combined with Schuberth's patented anti-fog technology, you get a ventilation system that performs outstandingly even under the most intense racing conditions.

The Schuberth Head Ventilation is easy to install with its efficient plug and play system. It's a crucial addition to your racing gear that ensures maximized performance. Experience the difference with Schuberth - your perfect partner in motorsport.

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