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Schuberth Hans clip black

Schuberth Hans clip black

Schuberth Hans clip black colour. Compatible with all Schuberth Motorsport helmets

The Schuberth Hans clip, a part of Schuberth's high-quality motorsport gear, is a safety essential for any racing driver. Ensuring secure helmet placement, it helps to reduce the possibility of injuries in high speed impacts. This black version blends seamlessly with any racing gear's design, adding a professional look to your outfit.

Crafted from resilient materials, Schuberth Hans Clip is built to absorb high levels of force from any direction. This technology not only lends extra safety to your ride but also contributes to the robust durability of the product. It's easy to install, causing no inconvenience or discomfort during your races.

With Schuberth, you can always rely on the superior build and innovative design. Opt for this stellar black Hans clip to improve your motorsport safety game. Make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions to install the clip properly. Feel the difference of riding with the security imparted by Schuberth.

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