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Schuberth Cheek Pads SK1

Schuberth Cheek Pads SK1

Schuberth Cheek Pads Suitable for the SK1 Helmet

Getting maximum safety and comfort out of your motorsport helmet is crucial, and that's where the Schuberth SK1 cheek pads come in. Manufactured with top-quality materials and designed with precise details, the Schuberth SK1 cheek pads promise a unique blend of comfort, stability and security.

With a focus on comfort, the Schuberth SK1 cheek pads are designed to be soft on your skin while offering a secure fit. They ensure your helmet fits snugly without causing any discomfort or distraction. The high-quality foam provides a cushioning effect that reduces pressure points and absorbs shock, protecting your cheek and jaw in case of an impact.

Every Schuberth SK1 cheek pad is engineered for durability and performance. They are easy to install, adjustable and can be removed for cleaning. Investment in Schuberth SK1 cheek pads is an investment in quality, comfort and safety, the perfect addition to your Schuberth motorsport helmet.

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