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Pinlock® 120 fog resistant lens

Pinlock® 120 fog resistant lens

Experience the Unmatched Performance with Schuberth Pinlock 120 Fog Resistant Lens

The Schuberth Pinlock 120 fog resistant lens is a much-needed accessory for every rider especially for those riding in the rain. It ensures a crystal-clear vision in any weather conditions, enhancing your overall riding experience. Its innovative technology guarantees to keep your visor fog-free, even in the harshest conditions.

Investing in the Pinlock 120 fog resistant lens means investing in your safety on the road. This accessory is very easy to install and perfectly fits in Schuberth helmets. It comes with superior moisture-absorbing properties, ensuring nothing hampers your view. Now, foggy or rainy conditions will no longer be a safety concern.

In addition to rainfall, this lens also protects your vision from fog due to cold weather, humidity, and even your own breath! The Schuberth Pinlock 120 equals unmatched performance, durability, and convenience. Don't compromise your road safety, upgrade your helmet with this fog-resistant lens today!

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