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Fyshe Tape Measure

Fyshe Tape Measure

As used by our master tailors. Duel side in inches and centimetres.

Rediscover measuring applications with the Fyshe Tape Measure. This top-notch product offers superior accuracy, easy usability, and robust durability – an essential companion for every Motorsport professional.

Our Fyshe Tape Measure is designed with a built-in shock-absorbent casing, ensuring complete protection against accidental drops or hits. The double-sided metric/SAE blade offers versatility and adaptability necessary in the dynamic world of Motorsports.

Furthermore, the smooth self-retracting mechanism of the Fyshe Tape Measure guarantees an easy-to-use experience for the user, reducing the risk of hand fatigue during extended use. The easy-lock feature secures the blade in place, promoting accurate readings and seamless usage.

In conclusion, the Fyshe Tape Measure is a reliable and precise tool, crafted for convenience, durability, and precision. It's a must-have gear item for anyone engaged in the Motorsport arena.

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