Analysing Fillipe Massa's Crash: A Terrifying Moment in Formula 1 History -

Analysing Fillipe Massa's Crash: A Terrifying Moment in Formula 1 History

The Incident

Fillipe Massa's crash during the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix sent shockwaves through the world of Formula 1. The Brazilian driver was struck on the helmet by a spring that had come loose from Rubens Barrichello's car, causing him to lose control and crash into a tire barrier at high speed.

The Aftermath

Massa was immediately airlifted to a nearby hospital where he underwent emergency surgery for a fractured skull. The incident raised serious concerns about the safety of drivers and led to widespread discussions about implementing additional safety measures in Formula 1.


Massa was fortunate that ever since 2001, the FIA have mandated that all F1 drivers are to use carbon fibre helmets. Fillipe was wearing the Schuberth SF1 helmet at the time of his accident which he attributes to saving his life that day. 

The Schuberth SF1 helmet has now been upgraded to the SF3 ABP helmet which is currently worn by Max Verstappen, Nico Hulkenberg, Sergio Perez and Daniel Ricciardo in F1. 

You can see Fillipe's visit to Schuberth here -

Implications for Safety

Following Massa's crash, the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) made significant changes to the regulations regarding cockpit safety. The introduction of the 'Halo' device and stricter helmet standards were among the key measures aimed at preventing similar accidents in the future.

Impact on Massa's Career

Despite the severity of the crash, Massa displayed incredible resilience and determination in his recovery. He made a remarkable comeback to the sport the following year, demonstrating his unwavering passion for racing.

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