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What helmet does Max Verstappen wear?

Max Verstappen wears a Schuberth SF3 Carbon Fibre ABP Helmet and has done for all of his Formula 1 drivers world championship wins. 

SF3 ABP represents the pinnacle of Schuberth racing helmet technology. A handcrafted masterpiece created to respond to the new FIA top-end helmet standard 8860- 2018 ABP: the most demanding one in the racing scenario established to guarantee the highest safety level in the world. With SF3 ABP, Schuberth introduces a number of safety benefits unthinkable just few years ago, including advanced ballistic protection and increased energy absorption.

Schuberth SF3 ABP is created to adapt to the specific needs of the driver, in a personalised construction process, able to offer an unparalleled comfort and exclusive fine tuning.

Max Verstappen Helmet

You can see here for more details of the Schuberth SF3. 

Other notable Formula one drivers that wear/ have worn a Schuberth include Michael Schumacher, Sergio Perez, Daniel Ricciardo, Filippe Massa, Nico Rosberg, Mick Schumacher, Nico Hulkenberg Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen. 

Michael Schumacher helmet

The Schuberth SF3 is specifically tailored for the advanced ballistic protection (ABP) standard used in Formula 1.If you are looking to own a Schuberth of your own, you may be more inclined to use a helmet that is more suitable for your specific requirements.

The Schuberth SF4 is the 8860-2018 (non ABP) helmet. This is widely used in the top motorsport categories outside of Formula 1 including the World endurance championship (WEC), IMSA, European Le Mans series, GT world challenge and the Asian Le Mans series due to it's wider aperture for a larger field of vision within a close cockpit car. 

Using the technology first developed for the SF3 helmet, the SF4 combines the iconic Schuberth sleek and aerodynamic shape along with a strong, lightweight shell carbon fibre shell. 

You can see here for more details of the Schuberth SF4.

If the championship you race in doesn't require an 8860 standard helmet but a 8858 standard then the Schuberth SP1 is the option you need. Much like the SF4, the SP1 has it's DNA routed in the SF3, using a very high calibre carbon outer to maximise strength and weight. 

You can see here for more details of the Schuberth SP1.

All Schuberth visors, screws and vents are interchangeable between their whole range. The exact spares available to an SF4/SP1 driver are of the same batch as the Formula 1 driver's accessories. 

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