Schuberth sk1 kart helmet

Exploring the CMR-2016 Karting Helmet for Ultimate Safety and Performance

Introduction to the CMR-2016 Karting Helmet

When it comes to karting, safety should always be a top priority. The CMR-2016 Karting Helmet is a revolutionary piece of gear that not only ensures safety but also enhances performance on the track. Let's dive into the features and benefits of this cutting-edge helmet.

All go kart drivers in FIA-CIK mandated and most local championships require that children under the age of 15 wear a CMR-2016 helmet. The CMR-2016 states that the helmet must be under 1200 grams. 

Key Features of the CMR-2016 Karting Helmet

  • Lightweight yet durable design for maximum comfort during long races
  • The helmet must not exceed 1200 grams as to not put too much strain on non-fully developed necks. 
  • Advanced ventilation system to keep the head cool and focused
  • Snug and adjustable fit to suit different head sizes
  • Impact-resistant shell for superior protection

Benefits of Using the CMR-2016 Karting Helmet

  • Enhanced safety measures to reduce the risk of head injuries
  • Improved aerodynamics for better performance on the track
  • Comfortable design for prolonged wear without causing fatigue
  • Meets CMR-2016 safety standards for karting competitions


The CMR-2016 Karting Helmet is a game-changer in the world of karting gear. Its innovative design and focus on safety make it a must-have for both amateur and professional karting enthusiasts. Invest in your safety and performance with the CMR-2016 Karting Helmet today!

You can view Schuberth's SK1 Carbon Fibre Kart CMR-2016 helmet here

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