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Why Arai?

Simple really; an Arai helmet is made by people who are passionate about excellence and believe every helmet should be made to the highest possible standard.

Arai has been designing, developing and manufacturing helmets for over 60 years. Each Arai helmet is hand made, with a unique 'birth certificate' and a record kept of every step involved in its manufacturing process, from the outer shell formation to the final test tweak of its air vents. Along the way each Arai helmet is subjected to incredibly rigorous testing, which exceeds the FIA or Snell standards for car and karting helmets.

Arai's helmet shells are made from unique and exclusive materials. This combination of 'Superfibre' and resins produces a very strong outer shell which is highly impact-resistant. The unique shape of an Arai helmet offers excellent periphiral vision, and its three different inner shell options offer maximum comfort and best possible fit.

The helmet's inner layer of Multiple Density Foam is manufactured as a one-piece item, for greater strength. It takes up to 18 hours of work by highly skilled operatives to produce each Arai and every single Arai helmet is made to the same standards.

Information on every Arai helmet made in the last 20 years is filed electronically so that the history of every helmet made is completely traceable.

In recents years Arai has been the helmet of choice for more than 50% of the drivers in Formula 1 including Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo & Jenson Button.

The Arai helmet worn by professional drivers in all classes of motorsport around the world is made in exactly the same way, from exactly the same materials, as the Arai helmet on sale in your local dealership. There is only one Arai manufacturing process and one standard.

It is vital that you wear a correctly sized helmet. Please refer to our dealer network to locate your local recommended dealer who will have fully trained staff to assist you.

Fyshe operates the Arai Racing Service at many race and karting events each year where official, UK Arai dealer purchased helmets may be inspected and serviced by factory trained technical staff.