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Fyshe and Arai

Arai Helmet (“Arai”) is the world’s leading manufacturer of motorbike and car racing helmets.

A family owned and managed company since 1937, Arai is focused on developing the best possible helmet without compromise. Arai maintains that it is the helmet that protects the driver in the real world, not the standard. Each Arai helmet exceeds the mandatory standard of the market where it is sold.

Arai helmets are almost entirely handmade with each shell taking up to 27 steps. Arai employees train for up to five years to earn the right to create an Arai helmet shell. 

It is this meticulous attention to safety, quality and superior performance that differentiates Arai from other helmet manufacturers and why, as a consequence, more Formula 1 drivers choose Arai ahead of any other brand of helmet.

Fyshe is the exclusive UK importer and distributor for Arai car and karting helmets and accessories.

Why Arai?

Simple really; an Arai helmet is made by people who believe that excellence is everything and every helmet should be made to the highest possible standard.

Dealer Network

Fyshe has a specialist network of authorised Arai car helmet retailers...


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