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Fyshe and Adidas

Adi Dassler developed performance race boots in direct collaboration with athletes. In the early 1960s, Adi Dassler and Fritz Huschke von Hanstein, a successful racing driver and the first head of the Porsche racing department, worked with racing drivers such as Wolfgang von Trips, to design racing shoes. 

Adi Dassler developed the first “fireproof” race boot in 1974 and thereafter the highly successful Monza race boot became the choice of champions such as Mario Andretti, Walter Röhrl, Nigel Mansell, Nelson Piquet, and Ayrton Senna until the early 1990s.

Under the adidas brand, Fyshe creates high quality, technically advanced functional racewear and footwear that exceeds FIA/SFI homologation requirements while also incorporating cutting edge design. adidas racewear and footwear not only delivers excellent performance and quality, but also looks professional and attractive ensuring drivers and teams feel great and perform well in the most demanding of racing environments.

Fyshe continually strives to innovate and “improve the breed” in technical racewear through material technology and product development.

Like Adi Dassler, Fyshe works in close collaboration with elite athlete drivers from complementary racing disciplines to design and develop racewear and footwear that pushes the boundaries of performance.